• Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field influences cell behavior by inducing energy in the body.
  • Improved blood supply increases the oxygen pressure, activating and regenerating cells.
  • Improved transport of nutrients in the body improves the quality of cartilage in joints, decreasing pain. Acute and chronic pain relief is obtained and pain may even disappear.
  • The Curatron PREMIUM and the MULTI-Flash systems generate very high intensity Pulsing Electro-Magnetic Fields applied via applicators such as the 12” (30 cm) diameter coil included with both the PREMIUM and MULTI FLASH systems. The coil can also be folded into a butterfly coil for applications e.g. on a shoulder, knee or elbow. Our PREMIUM FLASH system has optional applicators such as a 7000 Gauss 7″ x 7″ high energy pad and a 18″ x 23″ larger pad. These options may not be used with the MULTI-FLASH.
  • There are many scientific studies on the effectiveness of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. Application of pulsed electromagnetic energy is based on more than 30 years of worldwide research carried out by renowned scientists. In addition, there are many years of practical experience by thousands of health care professionals.
  • The controls of the device are simple to operate. It has only 4 control buttons.


The Curatron FLASH is indicated for therapy to be used at home or by a therapist, however, it is not to be used as replacement for conventional western medicine. The Curatron system consists of a desktop device and applicator. The applicator contains large copper coils through which low current pulses are applied resulting in the creation of an electromagnetic field in and around these coils.

Curatron FLASH Front Panel.

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

All Curatron systems were developed with the K.I.S.S. principle in mind.
Using only four push buttons, one can select the desired Program, Start, Stop and Pause.
Nothing could be simpler.
The front panel displays the selected program number and a count-down clock so you always know the remaining treatment time.

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